Born in 1975 in Johannesburg  South Africa, where my Dad first taught me the wonders of the art. I throughout my schooling wanted to specialize in art and with the advent of democracy into South Africa was now able to go to the National School of Art where I completed my final 2 years of schooling, majoring in art, photography, printing, history of art and drawing.

In 1994-1998 I studied and completed industrial design at a technikon in Johannesburg but found it hard to get employment in that field and thus worked for an H.P. printer dealer as a technician, while at the same time painting away at home after work. At first wildlife, portraits and landscape commissions kept me very busy, with paintings going to customers in Australia, New Zealand and also many in South Africa. Just as I was planning to paint full time, my wife got an offer to work in Ireland resulting in us moving there in 2001.

Fortunately I have been blessed in working as a full time artist and spreading my wings finally. My first lots of paintings were all based on African wildlife and the wonderful tribes. This was followed by a string of commissions for more wildlife by a collector in Wicklow, which kept me working.

My passion in art itself, is having a piece of my soul portrayed through whatever subject matter I am using in the artwork. Be it landscape, abstract, realism or anatomy I always extend myself to the point of being transparent before the viewer. The mediums I paint in are mixed, ranging from enamels, oils, acrylics, metal dusts and tealeaves.

The degree to which colours has been used in nature challenges me extremely and this in itself has spurred me on to look at colours in a different light altogether. Many of my artworks have been influenced by impressionist colour theory, which of pointillism of Suerat and Pissaro has driven me to focus more intensely on colour. Most of my latest paintings are landscapes inspired by a view movements. One of them is The Hudson River School of painters.

Atmosphere and the splendor or nature is most clearly seen in there art and it is this which inspired me.
God, Mucha, Boris Vallejo, David, Rothko, Tuner, Velasquez, Bierstad, all and more have been the heroes of my life as an artist.

To envisage our existence without art is not to envisage human existence at all.